Graduating in Applied Computing from Dundee University, I have a passion for software development.


I have first-hand experience in how vital Software Security is to the world we live in today.


Cloud Computing is essential to world we live in and I have experience integrating with the leading providers.


I am a supporter of Agile Product Management for the planning and development of software projects.


Testing is a vital stage of the Software Development Lifecycle and I have lots of experience automating this process.


Music is a key aspect to my life outside of work and I am an aspiring guitarist.

Over the last fifteen years I have honed my development skills and have matured in to a confident software engineer. I have worked on a wide variety of projects, using a diverse range of programming languages; including developing and maintaining various websites for local businesses. Software development is my passion, and I take great pride in writing robust and secure code which has a use in real life situations. I am a quick learner with a real drive for self-improvement; displaying the necessary work ethic and skill set to deliver in a high pressured, deadline driven environment. I set myself challenging goals and strive to achieve the highest quality of work, and through self-motivation and seeking honest feedback, I push myself to succeed in everything that I do.



  • University of Dundee logo
    SEPT 2012 – MAY 2016
    Applied Computing Student @ University of Dundee

    After finishing high school, I studied at the University of Dundee and graduated in Applied Computing

  • Park Leisure logo
    OCT 2012 – AUG 2015
    Hotel Supervisor @ Park House Hotel

    Whilst Hotel Supervisor at the Park House Hotel in Dundee, I had to work closely with the other members of the management team to ensure that the hotel was hitting our key performance indicators

  • NCR logo
    Summer 2015
    Intern Software Engineer @ NCR

    Interning in the Innovation Central Team, I prototyped a mobile application that would communicate with Bluetooth Beacons to automatically register people visiting a bank branch

  • NCR logo
    OCT 2015 – JAN 2016
    Part-time Software Engineer @ NCR

    Whilst in 4th year at University, I was working part-time for NCR's Interactive Services team; integrating my Bluetooth Beacon prototype to their Interactive Banker tablet application

  • NCR logo
    AUG 2016 – APR 2018
    Software Engineer @ NCR

    After graduating from University, I began working full time in the Software Security team at NCR; developing applications to lock down ATMs to prevent fraud and malicious software attacks

  • NCR logo
    APR 2018 – JAN 2019
    Software Engineer @ NCR

    After performing well in the Software Security team @ NCR, I was offered the position of Software Engineer in their Interactive Services team, focussing on their Interactive Teller product

  • Hutchison Technologies logo
    JAN 2019 – Nov 2021
    Software Engineer @ Hutchison Technologies

    After leaving NCR, I took up the position of Software Engineer at Hutchison Technologies. Working as a key member in a small development team, I have lead the development of two projects successfully; delivering numerous project releases to tight deadlines

  • Hutchison Technologies logo
    Nov 2021 – Present
    Senior Software Project Lead @ Hutchison Technologies

    After performing well in my role at HT, I was officially promoted to the position of Senior Software Project Lead. In this customer-facing role, I have managed customer requirements to ensure we deliver the best solutions to the problems presented to us



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